Renaissance Hotel

21 12 2009

The mark of a true 5-star hotel can be seen in its services and facilities. Sure, they may have what everyone else has, but consider the magnitude of this commitment and you can probably pick the diamond from the glass. Renaissance Hotel has gone all out to retain its classiness and understated elegance that you cannot help but be surged with a feeling of home-away-from-home. Consider this with its great location, it is certainly worthy of its steep price.

Renaissance Hotel

Renaissance Hotel

The facilities there are basic, but more grandeur in its size. The swimming pool, for example, is of Olympic-size. Worthy of Ian Thorpe’s strokes, the pool in itself is a glistening sight in the sunlight. And to take your fitness regime one step further, get introduced to the state-of-the-art gym centre. Opened 24 hours, you have no excuses to neglect your body, after all that food and partying. While it’s your time-out, slacking off can cause you some major damage-control for your body once your holiday ends. So, take advantage and wow them when you get home.

Besides that, the services available there is highly commendable. They’re as attentive as your guards-on-duty and as helpful as your local telephone directory. And to enhance on this, the incorporation of technology to further enhance their services is applaudable. For one thing, the “Delighted to Serve’ one push button system on the telephone in the guestroom means getting assistance is just one button away. Along with that, they incorporated a digital alarm clock right next to the bed, so that you will not be at risk of human error. We are familiar with the time when we missed an appointment because someone forgot to wake up. So here, you have both a person and an alarm clock.

Renaissance Hotel

Renaissance Hotel

Perhaps, their emphasis on hospitality can be explained by their involvements in many community projects. This charitable streak is witnessed in their Charity Ribbon projects where the hotels under the global Marriot umbrella are encouraged to give back to the needy. Three projects have been completed so far, such as building houses for the poor in Malaysia in 2003. Along with that, they do have projects dedicated to children and blood drives. Truly selfless in their nature, this rubs off onto their view on making sure their tourists have a great a time as they can possibly be offered.

All things considered, the Renaissance Hotel seeks to impress and probably will. With such a fantastic service, an even-more fantastic location and their guests-above-self view, this stunner will ensure that your trip to Kuala Lumpur is not just another memory.




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