Putra Mosque

11 12 2009

Putra Mosque steals the limelight as one of the must sees when in Putrajaya.

masjid putrajaya

masjid putrajaya

Three quarter of the beautiful dusky pink mosque floats on Putrajaya Lake, at a choice location that can be easily accessed by congregants and other visitors. The architecture of the mosque is commendable. It reflects the evolution of mosque designs in Malaysia, with its Islamic-inspired architecture taking into account traditional design elements and craftsmanship, local materials and weather conditions.

putra mosque

putra mosque

The mosque is modelled after Persian Islamic architecture of the Safavid period with several elements derived from other Muslim cultures. The main entrance to the mosque is patterned after gates to public buildings in Muslim Persia. The building was constructed mainly with rose-tinted granite, which is offset by brown-stained cengal woodwork to enhance the decorative features on the doors, windows and panels.

putra mosque

putra mosque

In addition, the mosque boasts three main functional areas such as the Prayer Hall, the Sahn or courtyard, with the minaret and learning facilities and function rooms.

putra mosque

putra mosque

Getting there:

By Bus
From Sinar Kota in Kuala Lumpur, you can catch the Park May (Cityliner) bus number 868 to Putrajaya. This bus service operates from 6.30am until 10pm and the fare is about RM2.60. From the temporary bus and taxi terminal at Precinct 9, you can catch a Nadi Putra bus to Putra Mosque at Precinct 1.
By Rail
You can get to Putrajaya via the KLIA transit train which departs from Kuala Lumpur’s Sentral Station. The train runs every 30 minutes from 5.30am to 1am the next morning, and stops at the Western Transportation Terminal in Precinct 7. From there, you can catch a Nadi Putra bus service to Putra Mosque at Precinct 1.



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