Interesting picture in KL

5 12 2009





One response

23 09 2010

This ‘cat man’, usually with a scowl on his ugly face, is a nutcase. That is his ‘favourite’ parking spot. If there is a car or bike parked there before he arrives for his ‘exhibition’, he will scream and shout, asking whose car/bike is parking at ‘his’ spot. When the car/bike owner comes, he will scream and shout and even curse at them for parking at ‘his’ spot, which is really a public space. Usually, both parties will get into a shouting match or simply fight. Usually, the car/bike owner backs off after realising that this guy is a nuthead.

He’s one of those chronic, eccentric pricks we can do without.

And what’s even stranger is that his cats are like in a trance, never to leave the bike and follows his orders like a dog. Heck, better than dogs! Simply against the nature of cats. They love him? This guy screams, shouts and curses at these poor cats whenever they try to walk off…

You have been warned.

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