Little India in Kuala Lumpur

21 11 2009

Locals and tourists alike flock to Little India to be entertained in one of the cheapest, boisterous manners possible in the city of Kuala Lumpur today. Indulge your senses in the wide varieties offered to make every man, woman and child contented!

Little India

Little India

There is practically something for everyone; the essence of Bollywood fills the air with enchanting and colourful gaiety. Music relaying the strings of a sitar punctuates the bustling crowd that throngs Little India from day till night; making visitors feel in the mood to dance to the rhythm… and spoil themselves with mouthwatering side stall treats like the Gulab Jamun; a sweet Diwali dessert!

Little India

Little India

Little India patrons are weighed down with food and drink choices that range from finger food snacks of savoury samosas (vegetables wrapped in neat triangular wanton skin and deep-fried), vadai (fried doughy snack made of lentils), air bandung (plain cold milk blended with syrup); to a scrumptious sit-down banana leaf nasi kandar feast!

To get further “into” the festive programme that is offered at Little India, why not purchase a saree to wear in multi-cultural Malaysia? Nothing like assorted bangles, necklaces and earrings in an explosive spectrum of colours to complement a traditional Indian costume! People who are feeling adventurous can also opt to buy fabulous Indian fabric at the textile shops, and have their tailors weave them splendid, designated sarees fit for any grand occasion!

Little India

Little India

Fancy a sleepover? There is no lack of options for one and all to stay over at Jalan Masjid India. Worn out by the day’s activities and need a well-deserved sleep? All you will need are just a stone’s throw away to prepare for the next day’s hustle and bustle that is waiting right outside your doorstep! Visitors to Little India will be spoilt with choices for lodging with accommodation that range from The Palace Hotel and Kowloon Hotel, to other more upscale options like the Sheraton Imperial and Impiana Hotel.

After a sound night’s sleep at your choice of hotel, one is rejuvenated and pumped enough to go prowl the streets for another good bargain. Little India offers so much more that visitors cannot see, taste and experience all in one day! Walk down that familiar street and you’ll notice exotic scents so liberating you would wonder how you’d missed it before! Perfumes, incense sticks and even “miracle potions” sold by local medicine men will surely captivate your senses… Bollywood comes alive right here in Malaysia…on the streets of Little India!




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