Seri Gemilang Bridge

9 11 2009

The main link between the Core Island (Presint 4) and Presint 5, this bridge is located at the southern end of the Persiaran Perdana. Categorised as a ceremonial bridge, the Seri Gemilang will be a landmark in Putrajaya serving as the main entrance to the Core Island from the south for motorists and pedestrians.

Seri Gemilang Bridge

Seri Gemilang Bridge

Bridge Structure

The bridge is made at a main span of 120m long and two spans 60m at each end making a total length of 240m. There are dual three lane carriageways of total 10.5m each comprising of 3 x 3.5m width for the lanes. The deck level varies from RL 34m at abutment to RL 36.75m at centre of the bridge.

Seri Gemilang Bridge

The special features of the bridge include:

* Balusters fabricated from precast stone
* Specially designed lamp parts
* Distinctly designed towers




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